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Presentation to South Dublin County PPN

Representatives from DCM had the pleasure of giving an online presentation to South Dublin County Public Participation Network (PPN) last week about our voluntary community mediation services.

During the presentation, we started by introducing the concept of mediation and its benefits. We explained how mediation provides a safe and confidential space for individuals to express their concerns, and how mediators help parties to identify common ground and work towards a mutually beneficial resolution.

Next, we outlined the specific services we offer. Our mediation service covers a range of issues, including family disputes, neighborhood conflicts, workplace disagreements, and disputes within community groups. We emphasized that our mediators are trained professionals who work to ensure that all parties feel heard and understood throughout the mediation process.

Finally, we encouraged PPN members to spread the word about our community mediation service to their respective communities. We emphasized that our service is free of charge, and that we are always looking for ways to expand our reach and help more people.

The presentation was well-received and was a great opportunity to generate interest in working together to promote our services to more communities.

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