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Our Services

With over 20 years of experience, we offer a range of mediation and conflict resolution services, helping people and communities to create their own workable, lasting solutions to problems and disputes.

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Community Disputes

Are you bothered  by noisy neighbours?

Have you problems with their hedges, fences or boundaries?

Do you have trouble with parking near your home?

Are dogs barking excessively close by?

Are your neighbours being unreasonable?

DCM can help neighbours in dispute to resolve their issues in a structured and positive way.

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Family/Separating Couples

Are you separating from your partner?

Do you want to be able to discuss things without having a row?

Have you problems coming up with a parenting plan for your children?

Do you need help getting ready for a conversation with the other parent?

DCM can help work out an agreement and resolve your issues.

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Workplace Disputes

Are you having problems at work?

Do you have a difficult relationship with your boss?

Are you in conflict with a co-worker?

Are you being harassed at work?

Have you an employee that is causing friction?

DCM can help employers and employees to resolve difficult issues in the workplace.

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'Let's Work It Out' Project


Let's Work it Out is a pilot project between DCM and Treoir, to help parents who do not live together, but want to parent together.


The project is designed to help parents communicate better with each other in drawing up a parenting plan. DCM offers a range of options to parents  in achieving this.

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