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'Let's Work It Out' Project (LWiO)

February 2023

The Let’s Work it Out project is not taking referrals at present. The next phase of the project is currently being explored and details will be shared here when they are available.

'Let’s Work It Out' (LWiO) is a pilot project to assist parents who wish to parent together but do not live together.

The project helps to develop these parents  communication and collaborative shared parenting skills with the help of alternative dispute resolution methods.

To begin the process, contact Treoir.
Learn more about LWiO in this short video.

What can LWiO offer you?

  1. Exploring your options:  
    Can someone help me understand what help is available to deal with our conflict?


  2. De-escalating conflict:
    How do I de-escalate and take the heat out of our conflict? 


  3. Resolving a single issue:
    How can I resolve a dispute if I can't talk to him/her? 


  4. Conflict management / communication coaching (one to one):
    Can I get help to figure out what is going wrong and what to do about it?  


  5. Conflict management/ communication coaching (Joint):  
    Could both of us learn how to communicate and resolve our differences in a better way?


  6. Support for difficult conversations: 
    Can we just get help to talk to each other without it becoming a fight? 


  7. Building a shared parenting agreement: 
    Can we get help to sort out parenting arguments?


  8. Resolving implementation problems with parenting agreements: 
    Can you help us to collaborate better together for the sake of our children?


  9. Help preparing for mediation:
    Can you help me to understand and get ready for mediation?   


  10. Voice of the child:
    Can you help us to understand better and agree what our children need?


  11. Help for extended family disagreements:
    Can you help us find a better way of engaging with our extended families in supporting our children?


Let's Work It Out

Learn more about our project and the services we offer. 
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