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Glencree Sharing & Learning Session

DCM held an engaging Sharing and Learning session on Saturday, June 10th, featuring Geoffrey Corry, a mediator and trainer who played a significant role in The Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation and was a founding member of DCM. Geoffrey provided insights into his involvement in facilitating communication between politicians from diverse backgrounds during the critical period leading up to the Good Friday Agreement. This agreement, which commemorated its 25th anniversary this year, laid the foundation for peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland.

Geoffrey shared his experiences and highlighted the collaborative efforts of many contributors in Glencree during the 1980s. Their collective work played a pivotal role in establishing the groundwork for peace and reconciliation, both preceding and following the signing of the agreement. He emphasised the importance of fostering empathy and understanding, describing the process as "humaning," which was a central aspect of the Glencree initiative.

During the session, the challenges faced by mediators in bringing together parties with diverse viewpoints were emphasised. Geoffrey highlighted the remarkable impact of these efforts on the lives of young people in Northern Ireland, who have grown up without being exposed to the daily violence that afflicted previous generations.

Additionally, John Mulligan, another mediator and facilitator from Glencree, shared his experiences during the session. John spoke of the bravery displayed by the participants and acknowledged that the true credit belongs to those who consistently showed up, determined to bridge divides.

DCM mediators gained invaluable insights from this Sharing and Learning session, and many thanks to Geoffrey and John for generously sharing their experiences.

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