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Family Disputes

Issues can arise in families which cause distress and conflict. DCM can help you resolve these difficulties. 

Issues can arise in families which cause distress and conflict. These may include working out a parenting plan between parents who don’t live together, agreeing a plan for the care of an elderly family member, inheritance issues, and divorce or separation. 

Family mediation refers to separating couples. In this type of mediation, couples can agree what their future will be with particular emphasis on the wellbeing of the children. Couples can work together to draw up a mediated settlement, and then bring this to a solicitor to make it a legally binding document. They can also bring this mediated settlement to a Court. In engaging in mediation, the couple make the decisions for themselves, whereas in a court situation, the judge makes the decisions. Judges in Ireland are very supportive of mediation. 

Family mediation can also be offered for disputes between siblings, parents and adult children, grandparents and other family members, and other similar family disputes.

We have a number of mediators trained in Child Inclusive Mediation. In this process, the mediators meet the children in a confidential and safe space so that the voice of the child can be brought into the mediation where a couple is separating. This is a very special and powerful process for all the family and DCM is delighted to be able to offer this service now.

Elder mediation is particularly aimed at helping families make decisions and have conversations that reflect the needs of all, with the wellbeing and quality of life of the elderly person at the centre of the mediation. It is a growing area as people live longer lives and can help preserve the relationships within the family.

Mediation has also been successful in resolving inheritance disputes, thereby preserving the relationships between the people involved. Mediation has helped people in the agriculture sector to sort out their differences.

In all types of mediation, it is advisable for parties to get advice from professionals in the area or to get legal advice. In doing so, people can make informed decisions during the mediation. Mediators do not give advice of any kind, but are skilled in helping people reach a settlement in their dispute through facilitating discussion in a safe, confidential and respectful situation.

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