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Stang-up Meeting

Our Team

Our team of volunteer mediators have experience in dealing with a wide variety of cases, enabling people to find workable solutions in difficult situations.

Our Mediators 

The mediators who practise on behalf of Dublin Community Mediation are all certified or practitioner mediators, registered with The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (The MII), The International Mediation Institute (IMI) or the Irish Professional Mediators' Organisation (IPMO).  Our mediators operate according to the Code of Ethics of their respective organisations. Our mediators engage in ongoing Continuous Professional Development to enhance their practice. They do not get paid for their work on behalf of Dublin Community Mediation and claim no expenses whatsoever. Our mediators are committed to supporting the community of South Dublin and beyond through the provision of mediation services.

Our CINERGY Conflict Management Coaches

A number of our mediators have  been trained in CINERGY Conflict Management Coaching. This involves a Conflict Coach or two co-coaches working with one person, to help the person deal with a conflict he/she is experiencing in his/her life. In the process, the client names a goal which he/she would like to achieve, reflects on incidents that have already happened, thinks about how to achieve his/her goal, with a view to improving communication and collaboration, and so improve and repair the relationship in question. At present two DCM Conflict Coaches offer this service to the client, ie. co-coaching. This service is offered in the Let's Work it Out Project, and helps people deal with difficulties in co-parenting. This service is also offered in other forms of dispute, to help prepare the person for a difficult conversation.

Board of Directors:

Chairperson: Blathnaidh Colhoun
Vice-Chairperson: Mary O Flaherty
Treasurer: David Scott
Secretary: Anne Mandal

John Mulligan, Eugene Boyle, Sharon Mc Allorum , Josephine Bolger.

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