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Terms & Conditions

  1. Parties to the mediation may make the initial contact with DCM by phone or email, or may be referred to DCM by a court, by the Gardaí, or by another person or body.

  2. Mediation is a voluntary, confidential, and self-determined process, where 2 or more parties discuss the situation and work to reach agreement.

  3. Parties to mediation will sign the Agreement to Mediate in advance of the mediation. A copy of this will be sent to the parties by DCM office.

  4. All communications with DCM are confidential, whether by phone, email, online or in person. All documents and notes are the property of DCM and are confidential unless disclosure is required by law. Notes and documents will be retained for 7 years and will be destroyed in a secure manner after this time period.

  5. The mediators are impartial and will not take sides. Mediators will not suggest, recommend, give advice to the parties. Mediators may recommend that parties get legal, financial or other advice in order to be fully informed, to enable the parties to reach a settlement.

  6. DCM mediators are volunteers and give of their own time. At least three day’s notice is required to cancel an appointment. DCM will always try to accommodate the parties in setting up appointment times.

  7. As the mediation process is confidential, the meeting is not to be recorded for any reason by phone, computer, camera, screen shots, or any other electronic device.

  8. Parties to mediation are expected to engage with the mediation session free from alcohol or drugs.

  9. Parties are expected to treat each other with respect.

  10. Parties are expected to engage fully and honestly with the mediation process, and to commit to work together to negotiate a settlement in good faith. Parties may need to be prepared to compromise in order to reach a settlement. Parties will decide the outcome of the mediation themselves.

  11. Anything which may have a direct impact on the mediation process, needs to be brought to the attention of the mediators as soon as possible, eg court proceedings, court orders etc.

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