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DCM and Griffith College Building Links for the Future!

On 23rd March 2024, Sharon Mc Allorum and Mary O Flaherty went to Griffith College to meet with the mediation students there. Sharon and Mary described the work of DCM and the different services offered including mediation, elder mediation, Child Inclusive Mediation, CINERGY Conflict Management Coaching. They also told the students about Sharing and Learning in DCM, which takes place on the second Saturday of each month. They described the co-mediation model in DCM and how it helps develop our skills and practice. The students asked questions about DCM, about mediation in general and asked for tips for new mediators. We wish these students every success in their assessment in mediation and hope to see them in DCM.

On 1st May 2024, Blathnaidh Colhoun (Chairperson) and Mary O Flaherty met with Mary O Driscoll, Programme Director, Certificate in Mediation, and former Board member of DCM. Blathnaidh and Mary were delighted to hear that the students enjoyed the session on 23rd March and another session has been planned for 15th February 2025 with a new cohort of students. Mary O Driscoll will also include DCM on her mailing list for any CPD events and training being held in Griffith College as DCM mediators are very interested in upskilling and training. DCM and Griffith College building links!

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