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Mii Family Symposium May 2024-Child Inclusive Mediation

How do we bring the "voice of the child" into a mediation where parents are separating or have separated? Child Inclusive Mediation.

Mediators can train in this special field of mediation, where they work with children directly, to hear what they have to say, if anything at all, about the separation.

Polly Phillimore (Mii) and Rachel Murphy (FMS) gave a presentation about Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM). Polly alerted members that a Code of Ethics for CIM mediators can be found on the Mii website. From January 2025, mediators must have completed CIM training in order to be able to add this area to their profile on the website.

Rachel spoke about her experience working with children in the Family Mediation Service. Many parents say "The children are fine". But quite often the children are NOT fine, and have never been asked if they are fine. In her experience, children want their parents to provide structure and to make key family decisions. She said that when siblings come together to meet her, it is often the first time the siblings have had the chance to have a conversation together about what is happening. She also said that children will surprise you.

This is a wonderful and empowering field in mediation. There will be new training in September 2024. Contact Polly at the Mii if you are interested.

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