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DCM at The Mii Family Symposium May 2024

A number of DCM mediators attended the Mii Family Mediation Symposium in Portlaoise on 9th May 2024. It was the first of its kind to be organised by the Mii. Ber Barry Murray, President of The Mii, opened the symposium. Siún Kearney, Chair of the Family Sector, was presented with the EMIN Reagh/Kipping Leadership Award 2023 for her immense contribution to Elder Mediation. Siún spoke to the attendees about the developments in Family Mediation over the decades. In the eighties, mediation was a new word! In 1989, mediation is mentioned in legislation for the first time. In 1993, the first International Family Mediation Conference took place in Ireland, opened by Mary Robinson. The Family Mediation Service expanded and became internationally reknowned for its work. Siún then spoke of The Mediation Act 2017 which now governs mediation and how it happens. She asked Mii members to send any articles, videos, training links etc. to her at so they can be shared with other mediators.

More posts coming about the Symposium! Check back here!

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