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More News from The Mii Family Mediation Symposium!

Helen Harnett and Frances Stephenson talked to the gathering about Elder Mediation. It began in Canada in the 1990's and Karen Erwin brought it to Ireland. The first group were trained in 2012. Older person is the preferred name rather than old person. Wellness and prevention is the focus, and the voice of the older person is heard. Helen recommended doing the free online course provided by the University of Tasmania-Understanding Dementia.

Helen Finucane and Andrea O Neill told about their experiences in setting up their mediation businesses. Know who is your ideal client and prioritise this client. Develop your network. Work out your costs. Find out about your Local Enterprise Office-you can find advice and funding here. What type of business do you want to be-sole trader? partnership? limited company? Manage your day: people time, non-people time, business hours. Get confortable being uncomfortable!

Muriel Walls spoke about Family Mediation and the Courts. Muriel is a solicitor, collaborative practitioner and family mediator. She talked about the value of mediation, the first consultation, the statutory process and the Family Justice Strategy 2022-2025. Look at for information.

There were lots of opportunities for networking including playing Human Bingo!

Siún Kearney closed the Symposium. Those attending really enjoyed the day and look forward to the next Symposium.

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