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DCM Attends The Wheel Summit 2023

DCM participated in The Wheel Summit on May 24th, an impactful expo organized by The Wheel, a national association supporting charities, community groups, and social enterprises. The one-day event aimed to gather sector leaders, staff, and volunteers passionate about creating positive change within their organisations and communities. DCM had a dedicated table at the expo, allowing our volunteers to engage with delegates, sharing information about mediation and the services provided by DCM.

Networking and Learning Opportunities:

The Summit provided an excellent platform for delegates to network with like-minded individuals, learn from sector experts, and discover new strategies and best practices for driving positive change. With engaging panel discussions and breakout sessions, delegates had the opportunity to explore diverse perspectives and gain insights from leaders in their respective fields.

DCM Volunteers:

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated volunteers, including Anne Mandal, Sharon Curran, Josephine Bolger, Michelle Costello, Sharon Ma Allorum, Evelyn Power, Jane Boushell, and Mary O Flaherty, for representing DCM and engaging with delegates at The Summit. Their presence and enthusiasm truly showcased the values and mission of DCM.

Highlight on Funding Session:

A particularly insightful session at the event focused on "Funding: An Introduction to Securing Strategic Corporate Partnerships." This session provided attendees with practical knowledge on forming successful partnerships, and representatives from 2int3, Laura Lynn, Teen Turn, A&L Goodbody, and Aviva Ireland shared valuable insights on how charities can collaborate with them and other prominent corporations.

Expanding Connections:

DCM's volunteers manned the table throughout the day, communicating information about DCM and distributing business cards for further contact. Delegates also had the opportunity to attend presentations and engage in discussions with The Wheel directors and working teams, fostering new connections and valuable relationships.

The Wheel Summit proved to be a highly valuable networking event for DCM. Our volunteers' dedication and interactions with delegates helped raise awareness about mediation and the invaluable services provided by DCM. We are also grateful for the opportunity to participate and connect with individuals and organisations striving for positive change.

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