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Community Mediation

Dublin Community Mediation (DCM) is a charity providing mediation to the people of  Dublin and beyond

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It is easier to get into a dispute than to get out of one. Once a person gets into a row, things can be said and done that are hard to sort out. The longer it goes on, the trickier it is to resolve. That’s where mediation can help. An impartial mediator can help the people to sort out their differences in a win-win settlement

What is Mediation?


What is discussed in the room, stays in the room. People can feel confident that the discussions are confidential from the first phone call to
the joint meetings.


Mediation is voluntary so people are free to leave the process at any stage.


The mediator remains impartial throughout the process, and is non-judgemental and non-directive.


The people involved make the decisions. They work it out together.

Low cost

Mediation is far less costly than using legal proceedings, as well as being quicker.

Mediation is a process whereby people who are in conflict or in a dispute can sort out their differences with the help of a trained, impartial mediator. The mediator will meet each party privately first and then will meet both parties in a neutral venue. The mediator will help the parties by asking questions and listening carefully to the parties, so that the issues are identified, which can lead to a mutually agreed settlement. Most mediations reach successful outcomes. DCM offers co-mediation, that is, the mediation is conducted by two mediators.

Our Services

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Family / Separating couples

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  • Are you bothered  by noisy neighbours?

  • Have you problems with neighbours and their hedges, fences or boundaries?

  • Do you have trouble with parking near your home?

  • Are dogs barking excessively close by?

  • Are your neighbours being unreasonable?

These problems may  be resolved in mediation. We can offer Conflict Management Coaching for an individual for these conflicts also.

  • Are you separating from your partner?

  • Do you want to be able to discuss things with your partner without having a row?

  • Have you problems coming up with a parenting plan for your children?

  • Does every conversation end up in an argument?

  • Do you need help getting ready for a conversation with the other parent?

DCM can help. We can help by offering mediation. We can offer Conflict Management Coaching for this also.

  • Are you having problems at work?

  • Is your relationship with your boss difficult?

  • Are you in conflict with a co-worker?

  • Are you being harassed by another person at work?

  • Have you an employee that is causing friction?

DCM can help. We can provide mediation to help parties resolve conflict. We can offer Conflict Management on a on-to-one basis for workplace disputes also.

'Let's Work It Out' Project  (LWiO)


Let's Work it Out is a pilot project between DCM and Treoir, to help parents who do not live together, but want to parent together. The project is designed to help parents communicate better with each other in drawing up a parenting plan.
DCM offers a range of options to parents  in achieving this.


I had been having a lot of trouble with my neighbours over noise. Their dogs were constantly barking. I met the mediators in my home first and they really listened to my concerns. I met with my neighbours with the mediators, and we agreed a time when I would not be disturbed by the dogs. My neighbours and I get on so much better now.

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